Writting is the strongest tool I have ever adquired. It allows me to communicate for real. Some how, writting takes my fears away. Behind the words I feel powerfull.

I come from a small village in the north of Spain. Growing up, I experienced loneliness in a crowded house and at school. Books, films and stories of all types filled my imagination with hopeful futures. I became a nurse to save the world and be a worthy person. Not good reasosns. I lived in the UK and now, in The Netherlands. I speak four languages and I still feel like I need to learn more. I wrote a book about the pharmaceutical mafia and toxic relationships. I wrote it in Galician, my mother language (only 3 million people speak). Not a cleaver bussines decision. A great book though. I am quite proud of it.

At some point in the last two years the mirrors that surrended me shattered. I am currently trying to put all the pieces together in hopes I will finally meet myself. Sharing my insides with you, it's an honor. I also like to share my opinion and knowledge on social matters and other interesting stuff.

Editor of Coffee Pause
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Lucía Ferro

Lucía Ferro

Writer. I often think before writing, sometimes I even think without writing. So I guess I am also a Thinker. A Thinker and a Writer. https://luciaferro.com